Crafthouse Cocktails

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We’re cooking up a sophisticated selection to satisfy your spirit. Look for these fresh treats everywhere Fall 2019.


Pineapple Daiquiri

A perfectly balanced spin-off of the classic daiquiri. A carefully selected blend of long-aged Caribbean rums, natural pineapple infusion and aromatic, island spiced bitters pair with real lime juice and just the right amount of sugar.  100% all-natural and Gluten Free.


Smoky Margarita

Our Mezcal Margarita takes this iconic classic to the next level. Traditionally crafted Oaxacan mezcal adds a touch of smoke to the premium blanco tequila base. Fresh lime and simple syrup round out this complex and refreshing drink! 100% all-natural and Gluten Free.


Rum Old Fashioned

Who says the Old Fashioned cocktail is just for whiskey? With its origins in the early 19th century, bartenders would create the earliest cocktails with the guest's spirit of choice, rounded out with just a touch of raw sugar and a dash of chocolate and coffee bitters. We've sourced the finest "whiskey drinkers" sipping rum as the base for our version, resulting in a well-rounded, spirited sipper. 100% all-natural and Gluten Free.